Can Kitchen Countertops be Resurfaced?

Many people know that rather than buying new countertops, it’s possible to resurface them. This is considered a very cost effective option for homeowners who keep on asking, “Can kitchen countertops be resurfaced?” You’ll be pleased to know that resurfacing your countertops would cost 4 to 5 times less than replacing them.

Why you should resurface your countertops

  • • You can be sure that a resurfaced countertop will be durable just like a new one.
  • • As compared to a new countertop, your new countertop can be retouched if damaged.
  • • Renewed countertops can transform your kitchen into an impressive area at a very low cost. Can kitchen countertops be resurfaced? Absolutely, yes. By splattering multiple colors on the base coat, it will give your kitchen a contemporary, up-to-date look.
  • •  The main reason why most of homeowners prefer to resurface their countertops is to have a new color. Your countertops may still be in good shape, but if the color is already outdated, it’s no longer attractive. Usually, people are already tired of decorating outdated countertops.

Can kitchen countertops be resurfaced? How is it done?

Yes, typically, there are 2 types of countertop options that you can choose from. One is the Traditional option which is designed like a laminate countertop. Here, a solid base coat is applied according to your choice of color. Then, the surface is splattered with additional accent colors for a modern look.

Can kitchen countertops be resurfaced? Yes, your other option is to apply a new finish on the surface. You’ll get a new finish that looks like a new countertop. Its new finish is guaranteed to be strong and durable to last for many years. The finish that is applied is called aliphatic acrylic polyurethane which is of high quality.

What is the cost of resurfacing countertops?

Now that your question, “Can kitchen countertops be resurfaced,” has been answered positively, you may be interested to know the price. It’s typically between $300 and $700 based on the type and size of finish that you want. The process takes less than 4 hours to finish. However, you should not use the countertop for 24 hours after it has been done completely.

Unlike in the case of a new countertop, if your new finish is accidentally damaged by any sharp object, it can be retouched. This is the answer to the question of many people, “Can kitchen countertops be resurfaced?”

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