Bathub Refinishing

Replacing a bathtub is very labor intensive and can be very expensive. You must first have the existing tub removed and then disposed of. Then the plumbing must be checked and prepared for the new tub installation. A new foundation must be constructed to ensure a proper fit of the new Tub. After the new tub is installed surrounding tiles around the perimeter of the tub that were destroyed during demolition must be replaced. When you factor all of this in you are looking at around 2,000 to 3,500 in labor and materials give or take. Even if you go with the cheapest possible bathtub that you get at home depot or Lowes, you still are going to be paying much more as apposed to refinishing. With all this considered wouldn’t it make sense to hire a professional refinisher?


When hiring us to refinish your bathtub you don’t have to worry about failures. We will not cut corners to save time, after all prep is everything when painting or refinishing. Without proper preparation no finish will stand the test of time. We use large powerful exhaust systems to vent the fumes outside keeping the odor down from the fumes. This also improves the quality of the finish. Refinishing requires strong attention to detail. We keep our work area clean an neat, after we are done you will barely notice we were there. We can refinish all surface types and styles of bathtubs. Your refinished bathtub will look and feel brand new!