Tile Refinishing

We often refinish tile in addition to bathtubs for our customers who are looking for a complete bathroom transformation. Refinishing old tiles properly requires a lot of time and strong attention to detail.  We have experience and expertise; you can be confident your refinishing project will be done right the first time! The coatings are applied in thin layers to give a gleaming slick finish, making your tile look brand new!

Tile Refinishing is done in one or two days and can be used in 24 hours after completion. A complete remodel could take weeks or months, which is a major inconvenience especially if you only have one bathroom. There is little to no mess as opposed to demolition! The best part is you will save thousands on replacement costs!

We properly repair grout, so our coatings seal them. You will no longer have to worry about mildew and grime getting into your grout lines. Refinished Tile is very easy to clean!