Terms – Warranty

Preparation – Please have all loose items removed from the work area including items on counters, vanities, and floor. Any plumbing fixtures that you plan to replace please have them removed or replaced prior to refinishing.   

Paint and Wallpaper – I am required to tape and mask off the perimeter of the substrate being refinished. When masking is removed any paint or wallpaper that is lifted, I will not be held accountable for the repairs. Blue tape will be used for delicate surfaces.

There will be a certain element of dust and light debris that settle onto the surface during the refinishing process. Most of this will dissipate after 4-8 weeks of normal cleaning. Having the bathroom as clean as possible prior to our arrival may help with achieving a better finish.


All residential work is covered for three years from any lifting or peeling of the finish due to workmanship. If your newly reglazed finish chips or peels on its own necessary repairs will be performed at no additional cost. Any chips caused by the impact of falling objects may be subject to an extra service charge.  Kitchen Sinks are not covered under this warranty.

Care Instructions for your refinished tub

  1. Do not use the bathtub for 24 hours after reglazing project is completed.
  2. Do not leave soap bottles or any object on the bathtub when the surface is wet “water will not evaporate from underneath the bottles or other objects”.
  3. Do not let a leaky faucet go unrepaired.
  4. Do not leave bathmats on bathtub, “if a bathmat is needed it should be removed after every shower”.
  5. Do not pick surface dust with your finger. Light dust and debris that have settled onto the newly refinished bathtub will dissipate as with normal cleaning.
  6. Do not clean animals in bathtub, their claws could potentially scratch the finish.
  7. The best way to maintain your refinished bathtub and keep it looking new is to wipe it down with a towel after every use. This will help prevent soap film build up.
  8. Maintain caulking around bathtub.
  9. Some Good cleaners are scrub and bubbles, or dish soap mixed with water. Dawn blue label dish soap in a spray bottle is also very good and convenient. Most cleaners will disclose on the back label if it can be used on painted or reglazed finishes.