Our Process:
Caulking is completely removed around the surface. The surface is scraped to remove the bulk of soap film build up. With a mild acid cleanor the surface is deep cleaned, degreased, and dulled. Dulling the finish is not completely necessary with our advanced method of bonding technology. But leaving this surface profile will give the coating something extra to grab on too, and if the finish is ever chipped it will be less likely to peel due to water getting underneath. Chips and deep scratches are repaired. The entire surface is power sanded to remove any remaining contaminates. The substrate is masked off and everything in the bathroom is covered. Final steps in preparation are to wipe the surface with a solvent cleaner and tack cloth. An adhesion promoter adhesive is applied. Three Coats of epoxy primer is applied. Three coats of finish (Aliphatic Acrylic Urethane) is then applied. Masking around the perimeter of the bathtub is removed and new caulking is applied.